Best Price Guarantee

Royal Caribbean Best Price Guarantee
  • You will have 48 hours after you book to find a lower price. If you do, you will receive 110% of the difference applied to your booking as an onboard credit. This lowest rate must be a rate publicly advertised by Royal Caribbean International.  Program terms and conditions apply.
Submit the claim form below to apply for your onboard credit.

The below Frequently Asked Questions are meant as a guide to help in answering questions that our travel partners may have. Verifying the eligibility of any reservation must be done through the Best Price Guarantee form online.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Royal Caribbean Best Price Guarantee? When you book with Royal Caribbean and subsequently find a lower fare advertised by Royal Caribbean within 48 hours from the time the reservation is made, we will honor that lower eligible fare by applying an onboard credit to the reservation equal to 110% of the price difference. For reservations outside of final payment period, the onboard credit may be replaced, upon request, with a reduction to the outstanding balance or a refund. An eligible, fare must be:

a) available for the same brand, ship, sailing, category, and number of guests as the current booking;
b) available at the time the request for the lower rate is made; and
c) a rate that the current booking would be eligible to receive if any special restrictions apply.

Royal Caribbean Best Price Guarantee will only be available up to 48 hours after the reservation is made. Royal Caribbean Best Price Guarantee will be available for most fare types with the exception of Royal Sales Events; Travel Agent, Interline or Industry Reduced Rates; Employee rate programs; and a select number of price programs and promotions; for new bookings only; or as specified in the price program detail. The subsequent lower fate will be subject to the prevailing taxes and fees and/or fuel supplement, if applicable.

2. How do I submit a claim to receive the difference?   The claim form must be submitted online.

3. What information do I need to submit the claim?  Our reservation number, sail date, guests name, your contact information (including email address), the lower price and where the lower price was advertised.

4. Do I need to book the lower rate before filing the claim?  No.

5. Which bookings are eligible for the Royal Caribbean Best Price Guarantee?  New individual bookings made as of May 17, 2010.

6. Are any rates excluded from Best Price Guarantee?  Yes, Sales Event are excluded; these rates are applicable to new bookings only.

7. Do targeted rates i.e. Senior, Residency, etc qualify as a published rate? Yes.

8. When will I receive communication regarding the eligibility of my claim?  Within 48 hours of submission.

9. When will the onboard credit be applied to my booking?  Within 48 hours of submitting an eligible claim.