Dining Packages


Dining Packages and Discounts

Dining Packages and Discounts

All dining packages can be purchased onboard or after payment applied toward a reservation; however, availability for the packages is limited so we suggest they are purchased precruise (through the Cruise Planner) to have the best selection of dining times. 

Dining packages do not include beverages. Beverages will be charged separately at regular price. 

Should you wish to cancel your package, guests may do so via Cruise Planner or onboard with guest services. 

Guests who have a reservation with payment may also contact 1-800-398-9819 for Pre-Cruise Planning Assistance. 

Dining Packages:

Dining Packages:

The below does not apply to China sailings.

Ultimate Package has been replaced with new program called "Ulimited Dining Package".  


This new program will allow your clients to dine in any restaurant on their sailing as many times as they’d like. Yes, if they’d like to dine at Chops twice in one night, they can! We’re also adding Playmakers which will function similarly to the very popular Izumi: your clients will be given a $35 per person dining credit each time they dine at these à la carte venues. Dining options subject to availability. 

This package will be available to purchase in Precruise Planner starting Friday, April 12th, 2019 and is available on sailings from 3 to 14 nights on all ships except MJ. Pricing for the Unlimited will be very similar to what the Ultimate was previously and will vary by sail date.

Dining Package Prices
** BOGO Price is the same price as a dinner at Chopps Grille.

5 Night Packages are only available on 10 night and longer voyages.

Holiday Sailings - 3 Night Dining Packages are available for Christmas and New Year's Sailings on selected ships based on availability.  Packages are not redeemable for dinners in Chops, Giovanni's or 150 Central Park on Christmas Eve, or New Year's Eve.
All prices are subject to change and may vary in certain markets such as Australia and the UK.
*Groups Specialty Dining reservations do not qualify for the Packages and Discount.  Group guests may book individually online.