Gratuity Guidelines:

Royal Caribbean will add a daily automatic gratuity to every guest’s onboard SeaPass account.  The automatic daily gratuity will be applied onboard for all individual and group bookings that have not prepaid gratuities prior to boarding their cruise.  Prepaid guests will not be impacted by this automatic process and will not see additional charges on their folio account.

$14.50 USD per person/per day -  for Standard Staterooms (JS and below)
$17.50 USD per person/per day -  for Suite Staterooms (GS and above)

The daily gratuity will be shared among Dining Services Staff, Stateroom Attendants and Other Housekeeping Services Personnel.

Many of our guests wish to reward exceptional service during their cruise by providing additional gratuities. Guests may do so by providing an additional gratuity on their SeaPass onboard account or with a cash gratuity at their discretion.