Internet & Cellular Phone

Internet Packages are available for purchase on Cruise Planner.

The following internet offerings are available:

VOOM: It’s VOOM, the fastest Internet at sea and it’s now available on the entire Royal Caribbean® fleet. This is instantly streaming, sharing on the fly, high speed internet. You can enjoy all their favorite movies and shows on Netflix, and stream their favorite playlist on Spotify. Share every unforgettable moment of their vacation on Facebook and Instagram. Stay connected with video chatting on Facetime and Skype, texting and e-mail. From the Caribbean to Australia, now on every Royal Caribbean ship around the world.

The cost of VOOM varies by the number of devices and the service package purchased. We recommend that guests purchase VOOM pre-cruise to enjoy the biggest discount from onboard prices. Simply log in to My Cruises, and go to Cruise Planner.