Stateroom - Bed



Q: What size mattress will I have?
A: Two twin beds can be converted to a Royal King when placed together (72.5” x 82”)

Q: What kind of mattress?
A: Pillow-top mattress.

Q: What kind of pillows?
A: Microfiber pillows. 

Q: What kind of Blankets?
A: Duvet covers.

Q: What kind of sheets?
A: 220-thread-count cotton-blend sheets.

Q: Where can I buy these sheets.
A: We offer our bedding collection online at RoyalCaribbean.com/RoyalGifts.

Q: Are there alternatives (for pillows) if necessary?
A: Yes. We have feather pillows and down pillows upon request.

Q: Do you have bed boards?
A: Yes, upon request.

Q: Can we get an extra mattress if necessary?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there bed rails for the upper berths?
A: Yes.

Q: For the upper berths, what are the height and weight limitations?
A: There is no height restriction on the Pullman berths, but the bed length is 1.98 m (76”). Max weight is 300 lbs.